I can create custom quilts or sewing projects. My favorites are baby clothes memory quilts. I also frequently make throw pillows, custom capes, and custom cards. My hourly rate is $30 per hour. Please contact me to discuss options or get a custom quote!

Baby Clothes Memory Quilts

Here are quilts made from baby clothes. One quilt was made using 3 siblings baby clothes. One was made for a new Grandparent from their grandchild’s outgrown baby clothes. Another was made from sports jerseys. I can make these using baby clothes, t-shirts, or any loved one’s clothing. They make great memory quilts.

Custom Throw Pillows

I can make custom or personalized throw pillows with any size, design, pattern, or name. I enjoy using upcycled materials for these as well.

Custom Cards

Custom cards made from paper with fabric stitched on. Can be made for businesses, holidays, invitations or any other occasion.

Custom Capes

Personalized superhero capes made with any fabrics of your choosing.